Pest Control Preparation Guide

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With Protekt Pest Control on the job, you will be able to enjoy a fresh pest-free environment, at your home or office.. As we service Auckland wide, you will always be covered. Here, we are happy to present some before treatment prep info, which will help us do our job efficiently when we arrive. For any other enquiries please contact us.

Ants - interior

  • Pantry - empty out the shelves
  • On bench - move items away from the back of the bench and put away any fruit not covered
  • Other – you will be advised the day of any other items to remove
ant infestation


  • All items near the floor (books, shoes, blankets, toys) must be stored away
  • Pet fish – make your technician aware, so they can inform you of what to do
  • You must be out of your home for up to four hours
flea infestation

Flies, spiders and mosquitos - interior

  • You will need to cover or remove anything that might come into contact with your mouth or face (toothbrushes, tissues, drink bottles etc.)
  • You will need to remain out of your home for up to two or three hours after treatment to let treated areas dry
  • When you return, all food prep areas must be wiped down and the home needs to be ventilated for 10 to 15 minutes
Pest Control Auckland


  • Very little prep is needed. The tech just needs room to move around the room
  • You will need to remain out of the house for up to three or four hours after to let the house dry
bed bugs

No preparation needed for exterior work

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